Saturday, June 13, 2015

Another Sewing Day to Save Money

 I switched to using cloth menstrual pads about 3 years ago (you can read about why I did here). Up until this point, I have used purchased cloth pads. Well, as my girls grow older, there are more and more of us using cloth pads and while we've been able to work with what we have, I know there will come a point when we will need more.

I've been wanting to try making my own for at least a year, but I haven't really had much time. I tried a few trials that work, but not the best (they are only used if all the others are still in the washer or dryer). Since I have had more time and I need to use up scrap material anyway, I decided to give some a shot today.

For the two smaller ones, I used a free pattern off a facebook group for sewing cloth menstrual pads. The larger one I created my own template using a pad I already own. The larger size is great for overnight or postpartum.  All the material came out of our scrap bins (yes, I have two bins of just scraps!), the thread was all thread that has been given to me (and I was able to use up some almost empty spools), and the velcro was also given to me. I actually prefer snaps, but the velcro was faster to use and free. While I can't speak about how well they will work, they look like they will work better than the few I tried making in the past.

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