Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Good Things Come in Squirmy Packages

"I don’t see our family as large – I see it as just right.  It’s our family.  And I adore our family.  It’s not a burden, it’s an absolute joy.  I can understand why a family with more than two to three kids is considered “large” in our culture where reaching the American Dream is something to be strived for, and many view children as little beings that get in the way.  Well, I for one am living my dream.  No American Dream needed here, I have a God-given dream.  God has pieced our family together in ways I couldn’t have dreamed up in a lifetime of nights spent sleeping.  He has made me a joyful mother of children.  There is nothing that could entice me to live in a bigger house, have a nicer (and smaller) car, enjoy more throw around cash, have designer clothes, and a career that is taking off.  Nothing.  I laugh at the thought.  I love my life.  Our children are a heritage.  They (and ourselves) are the only things that are lasting in this life in light of eternity." ~  Lindsay Edmonds

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He Notices

A great post about how God notices what we do in the home regardless if we get any recognition from our family. He Notices

Monday, August 15, 2011


I'm sorry I haven't posted in a few weeks. Things have been really busy around here with things in the garden coming ready to preserve, getting ready for school, and the fact that it just takes longer to do all that with a growing family!

I wanted to share links to a couple of posts that I read just this morning that spoke to my heart and I think they might speak to yours as well.


We're All Bad Moms (and what the Gospel can do)