Sunday, December 6, 2009

Satan the Woodpecker

Satan works against us by using schemes, plans, and other ways that will separate us from the Lord. He is like a woodpecker searching for a bug on a tree. The woodpecker does not hammer away at the tough area of bark, but rather he pecks away until he finds a weak area and then drills it, because he knows there is bug underneath. So too, Satan does not waste time on our strong points, but finds our weaknesses because he wants to devour us.--Kelly J. Townsend.

I love this illustration! It helps me understand why I struggle with the same thing over and over even though I pray about it almost every day (if not every day). Satan knows that if he can wear me down in the couple of areas that I already struggle with, that I will let my guard down in my stronger areas and then he can attack there before I know what is going on.

It is because of this that I need to make sure to put on my FULL armor of God (Ephesians 6:10-18) and be ready to battle Satan no matter where he attacks. I need to enroll other prayer warriors to help me pray for my weaknesses. This must be why God's Word tells us to share our burdens with one another--to confess to one another. How can someone else pray for us if they don't know we are struggling.

As hard as it is to humble ourselves and admit our weaknesses to others, that is exactly what we need to do. It is through this humbling of ourselves that we truly encounter the opportunity to be strengthened.

Take some time to talk to a prayer warrior (or two) in your life. Humble yourself not only before God, but before them and ask for prayers for His strength to battle Satan. Contact your friends and see if you can be a prayer warrior for them. It is by banding together that we can fight the attacks of Satan. Read Nehemiah 4 to see how the Israelites defended themselves against the attacks of their enemies. It is a great picture of how we need to live.