Thursday, September 15, 2016

Still Keeping Busy

I just wanted to share another project that has been keeping me busy.

I make a new outfit for my children for their birthdays. My 5th born turns 10 today. She loves the colors yellow and blue and loves parrots so when she saw this material (see picture) in my stash, she knew she needed her outfit made from it. However, there wasn't enough material to make the dress pattern she picked out. She said that should would take a skirt from it and then I could just buy a shirt to match. Well, after cutting out the pieces for the shirt (just a simple ruffle skirt idea-no pattern needed), I realized that I should have enough material left for a peasant style shirt as well. I used the basic pattern and then added the ruffles to the sleeves and bottom of the shirt (per birthday girl's request). I had just enough material (there are a few scraps left that she asked one of her sisters to use to make a hair clip for her).

As you can see from the smile on her face, she loves it! I am by not means an expert seamstress, but my girls love to be able to receive a special outfit every year based on their choice of fabric and pattern and usually I do a decent enough job that it can be passed down for at least a few more girls.

Do you do anything special for your children on their birthdays? Do you sew at all? I would love to hear more about you in these areas!

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