Friday, September 30, 2016

A Weak Mother

I read an article in one of my magazines that I thought was good enough to share. The article was reprinted in the magazine (with permission of course) from a site called, Desiring God.

Here is the portion that really struck me, but go to Desiring God to read the entire article-A Weak Mother is a Good Mother.

"This is so what I want: to know deep in my soul that a good mother is not one who bakes intricate treats, who schools a certain way, who manages her household within an inch of its life, or who has her children in a million wonderful activities. A good mother is one that acknowledges her need for the power of God to train and teach and change the hearts of her children.
The most important thing I can do for my children each day is to trust God and acknowledge my weakness, not rely on myself. He will take my meager offering and turn it into a miracle."

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