Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Birthday Outfits

For every birthday, we get the birthday girl or boy a new outfit. Since most of the time they wear hand-me-downs, this is an opportunity for them to get something that fits their personalities. Years ago, I started making the girls' dresses as it was easier to find something within our budget, fit their personalities, and met our modesty standards.

Here are a few pictures of dresses I have made this year.

This is the first year the twins actually asked for the same
pattern and same material. Usually it is either same pattern
and different material or same material and different patterns.

She wanted a Princess Auroa dress. It didn't turn out
as nice as I wanted, but she loves it!

This was my first time working with tulle and
with making an overlay skirt. While it was a
little more difficult to work with, I like the end result.

Since I'm new to sewing pants and tailored shirts, I have been doing something different for my little man. In the past, I made him a bow tie. This year I made suspenders and a tie, but purchased the pants and shirt (and matching hat).

There is the rare occasion where I do not make anything. For example, my oldest this year was given a very pretty sweater (new) from someone and then a very pretty skirt from someone else and they matched so well that she said that she wanted to wear those for her birthday outfit.

Fortunately, I didn't have to purchase any of the material used this year for any of the outfits! We have been blessed with people giving us material they either bought for us or had themselves but never used. I also didn't need to purchase buttons, ribbons, lace, thread, etc. The only thing I purchased this past year for their outfits is elastic and the clips for my son's suspenders.

I would love to hear if you sew clothes for your children and your reasons behind doing it.

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