Thursday, October 13, 2016

Throw Back Thursday

I was looking through old posts and came across some goodies.

Delicious Gluten Free Pizza is one that caught my eye because my girls have been asking for pizza and I had actually forgotten about this recipe. It might be something I pull out for next week.

Lemon Bars are a favorite among a few people in our home. We have some lemons that need to be used up, so maybe we'll make these for a potluck.

Homemade yogurt is a recipe that I actually don't make that way anymore. It isn't that that way wasn't good, but I needed to remove the sugar from the original recipe and just make it easier overall. Now, I don't add the gelatin and I skip the sugar. After the yogurt is made, I take some out for myself and my youngest (she can't have sugar) and then I add sugar to what is left for everyone else and I sweeten ours with the sweeteners that are better for us.

I hope you are enjoying looking back at some of my older posts just like I am!

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