Monday, October 17, 2016

Celebrating 18 Years Together!

It is sad that I had to go back to our last anniversary
to get a picture of us together! I'll have to make a
better effort to take more pictures!
Today, my husband and I are celebrating 18 years of marriage! While it hasn't always been easy, I wouldn't have wanted to endure them with anyone else. Even now, we wonder at the miracle that God worked by bringing us together and guiding us through the many difficult times. To say that it has always been easy or fun would be a lie. We had many tough times, and even some times where we would have divorced if we hadn't been so stubborn to stick to our statements that divorce wasn't an option, but God was gracious and brought us through those times stronger than ever.

As I ponder over how much we both have changed in the past 18 years, I have to say that it was only by God's grace that we have become the people we are today and pray that God continues to mold us and shape us into who He would have us be.

I am linking to some previous posts that I have written on our anniversaries because what they say still ring true.

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