Monday, July 6, 2015

More Sewing

I have been in the sewing/creative mode lately! I truly do want to use up scraps, but also make useful items.

I first made a bib. My son has destroyed some bibs and needs more for himself and I will need some for the new baby. I have several bib patterns pinned in my pinterest account and I tried this one first. The backing is green fleece and the front is a navy blue polkadot material which both came out of my scrap bin. I don't think it turned out too bad. He used it once. He doesn't care for the tie (his others are either snaps or velcro), but it was VERY simple and quick to make.

I know I only have 7 more weeks of my pregnancy, but I'm still low on maternity clothes that aren't stained (for some reason I keep staining the belly area!). A friend shared a maternity pattern so I gave it a try today. It is a simple pattern and I completed it all in the morning. I am going to go through my material to see if I have enough of a knit to make a knit shirt in this same pattern (this is a cotton blend).

As before, I used all material/notions I already had so these projects only took my time.

I have also started on my first pair of suspenders for my son's birthday. I really dislike turning "tubes" inside out so I told my girls I would pay $1 a tube for them to turn them. One is turned and a girl is working on the other.

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