Monday, January 9, 2017

Sun Stand Still

A few months ago I read, Sun Stand Still by Steven Furtick. I received this book 8 years ago just
before my twins were born so I didn't have a chance to read it then. I saw it up on my shelf and decided now was the time.

I truly enjoyed this book. It has challenged me to examine my faith life. It is based on the part of scripture where God made the sun stand still during a battle to help the Israelites win (Joshua 10:1-14).

He speaks of "audacious" faith.
Audacity isn't the absence of uncertainty and ambiguity. Audacity is believing that God's promise is bigger than my perhaps.
So many times we base our "faith" on what we think is possible or acceptable. We need to stop living in fear of what others think is possible or acceptable and embrace that audacious faith.
Audacious faith does not guarantee a crisis-free life. But audacious faith does enable you to seize the opportunity to see God's glory in the midst of every crisis in your life.
Most of the time, we pray for God to keep us from, or remove, hard times in our lives; however, as Steven Furtick points out, it is exactly those hard times that grows our faith and allows us to see God's hand at work.
Don't you typically think of adversity as the opposite of opportunity? I usually pray for God to remove all the obstacles and opposition in my life. To my way of thinking, adversity gets in the way of opportunity.
But God doesn't think like I think. I guess that's why he rarely asks me what I think. So instead of taking away our adversity, he develops our faith and demonstrates his strength by working through our adversity.
He also speaks of how audacious faith isn't just the hope of God answering our prayers, but it may require us to take action and do something. If you look back to the story in Joshua, you see that the Israelites marched all night to get to the battle ground and even though they were tired, he asked for God to make the sun stand still so they could fight.
If you are going to pray for God to make the sun stand still, you'd better be ready to march all night.
 We can't just sit back and expect God to do all the work. We have to be obedient to what God calls us to do. He will use our life experiences to mold and shape us into the people He can use for His honor and His glory. He will give us a vision, but we need to put feet to that vision and step out in faith.

I highly recommend this book. I wish I would have made the time to read it sooner. Of course, maybe it has been sitting on my shelf for such a time as this.

Due to reading this book, I decided to do a study on the book of Joshua in my personal study time. I took my study notes and created a study to share with all of you. While the scriptures I have written out are in KJV (because that is what I use), please feel free to read the scripture references in whatever translation you personally use. I am sure you will still find benefit even though the wording may be different.

A Journey Through Joshua

Since this is my first time inserting a downloadable file, please let me know if this works for you or not. I may attempt to write and share more studies so I would appreciate as much feedback as possible on the process of downloading the study as well as the study itself. You can leave comments below, on my facebook page, or message me directly.

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