Thursday, March 1, 2012

Pretty in Print?—The Resolution for Women

This chapter discussed a debate that has been going on for a couple of centuries—the debate between feminists and those who uphold Godly principles. The topic is very familiar to me since I used to be a feminist and am now someone who upholds Godly principles. Some people will say that those two standards can co-exist, but I’m here to say that in my experience, it isn’t possible.

Most people will say that feminism has done great things for women. It is because of feminism that we now have the right to vote, we receive equal pay for equal work, and we have the chance to further ourselves with education and to go after any job we want. While those things are good (or at least have good aspects to them), there is no definite proof that they wouldn’t have come about in a different way. It is my opinion that feminism has done great damage to not only women and girls, but also to men, boys, and families which in turn caused damage to our nation as a whole.

Women have accepted lie after lie about themselves, men, and how they relate. News flash—women are not the same as men! We can not, nor should we, do anything a man can do. We were taught to be ashamed of our differences instead of embracing them. Our differences make us special.

“You, God’s woman, are designed both strong and vulnerable. Powerful yet tender. More than able yet willing to yield. You are smart, wise, capable, equal in worth, and secure in yourself as you relate to others.”

God created us different and that is okay. While we are equal in our worth, we are not equal in our capabilities or strong suits.

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  1. Great post Darcy, not only have we set up unrealistic expectations but we have downgraded men in the process. I know a lot of Christian families that even partake in that. I find it a challenge raising boys to help them understand how important their job is when our society undermines them every chance they get. Making them look dumb on TV is just one of them. God designed each of us for a specific purpose to do his work and in that there is no shame!