Thursday, March 8, 2012

Motherhood is Holy

"The work of motherhood is holy.  Not just the teaching and discipling our children, but also the doing dishes and wiping noses and picking up toys.  It is not holy because of the skill required to complete the task, but because of the humility required.  The more I have to lay down my pride, the more I have to become a servant, the more He sanctifies my work and me through it.
This work is important.  Through it, I become a servant, and that is exactly what He has called me to be.  Is it always noticed and appreciated by my family?  No.  Does it always make me feel fulfilled?  No.  But if I submit to His Spirit, he uses it to bring to completion this good work He has begun in me.  And that is what this life is all about." ~ Aubrie Drayer

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