Friday, March 2, 2012

It’s Good to Be a Girl—The Resolution for Women

As women we need to learn and teach our girls the importance of living to be the person God created us to be. We need to take honor in being a woman. We were created the way we were for a specific reason and God does not see anything wrong with how He created us.

“But you, sister, are not only an equal partner in the created order, you have been called “good” by god Himself—“very good,” in fact (v.31).

And not just good but necessary.”

After God finished creating on the sixth day, He said everything was “very good” and that includes how He created woman. He created us to be a helper because man needed a helper; he could not do all that God wanted him to do without someone to help him. We were created for a specific purpose and we were created differently because we need to do different things than man.

God created us in His image just like He created man in His image (Genesis 1:27). Who are we to say that God messed up when He created woman? Who are we to say that God’s image isn’t good enough for us?

Think of all the things we can do that men can’t do. We have the joy and privilege to carry and birth babies! We have the opportunity to experience a miracle happening right inside our own bodies. As my husband likes to point out, what man can bleed every month for days and not die? We can nourish babies with our bodies and not even have to do anything for that to happen; our bodies just know exactly what it needs to do to produce milk. Not only will it produce food for babies, but it creates the perfect food for babies.

Take a moment to relish in the fact that God created you a very special being. It is an honor to be different from man. It is an honor that God created us for a special purpose. God has done a good work in you!

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