Monday, April 10, 2017

Trying to Save Some Money

A few weeks ago, two of my children decided it would be fun to hang from our shower curtain. Guess what?! It broke and they fell. They also tore the decorative shower curtain and broke the shower rod. I'm thankful the shower liner stayed intact as I just purchased that not too long ago.

However, I had forgotten how expensive shower curtains are! We don't like using the plastic shower curtains because the smell of them always give me headaches and I like being able to throw them in the washer every now and then. When I purchased the last shower curtain, it was when we had to remodel our bathroom due to some water damage and we chose the paint color of the bathroom based on the cheapest shower curtain I could find that I liked (it was on clearance and if I remember correctly less than $10).

The shower curtain rod was the rod that came with the house when we bought it almost 20 years ago so I didn't mind that it had to be replaced, but I didn't have the money to replace it with the kind I wanted, so I had to do with what I had.

We had an old tension rod that didn't hold the tension well, but I used the brackets from the old rod to stabilize it. I found some hooks at the thrift store for only $1. I then went about making a decorative shower curtain from some upholstery fabric that had been given to me a few years ago that matched our paint. I did have to spend $4 on some ribbon to cover the seam from sewing the material together to make it big enough, but I like how it turned out by giving it a little more decoration.

So, for only $5 and about an hour of my time, we have a new shower curtain. This way, I won't feel bad about making a new one when we are able to repaint the bathroom another color.

I'm not sure why I hadn't thought about sewing my own shower curtain before. I am thankful that a post on sewing a shower curtain popped up on Pinterest one day when I was searching for something else.

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