Friday, July 29, 2016

They're Your Kids

I have a friend who I admire mention a book that she really liked-They're Your Kids by Sam Sorbo. Since she has been homeschooling longer than I have, I thought I would check it out. She was kind enough to share her copy with me.

I also really liked this book. It's subtitle is, An Inspirational Journey from Self-Doubter to Home School Advocate. I am not a self-doubter when it comes to a home school standpoint, but I am an Home School Advocate.

Much of the information in the beginning of the book I already new, but it did educate me on some points that I didn't know. It showed me that even before I had become a public school teacher, things were starting to go downhill. Of course, I didn't see what was happening as bad at the time, looking back, you can see it was the beginning of what I see as a major problem in public education.

I love that she doesn't just spout off her ideas, but uses references to documented facts, quotations from other people, and information from recognized studies.

One of the major "complaints" I hear about home education is that parents do not think they are capable of doing it. While she combats the most common complaints with common sense, I love what she says towards the end of the book.

Raising children is difficult. Many of us find ourselves overwhelmed by all the challenges children can pose. But doing the hard thing is often the only responsible way forward. I've tried to show that as hard as it is, it's still not as hard as sending your kids away from you to the state institution to be educated.

I highly recommend picking up a copy of this book and reading it. It is good for those who already home educate as well as those who are thinking about it or even thought about it for only a second. In fact, I think it would be beneficial for even the staunch public school advocates to read as it brings to light some issues that many people are blind to seeing.

I'm sure you can find this book at your local library. It is also available as an Amazon Kindle download if you prefer to use your e-reader.

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