Tuesday, February 9, 2016

McGuffey Readers

We use McGuffey Readers in our school. We use them to teach reading as well as just reading the
lessons. We have a set of the original McGuffey's as well as a set of the revised McGuffey's.  I have chosen McGuffey readers for a few reasons.

1. This nation was built with people who learned with McGuffey's. They excelled so I don't see why we would need to change.

2. The McGuffey readers are filled with scripture and godly principles. We do a Bible study as a class, but I love how they continue to hear His Word and His principles in other subjects as well.

3. The McGuffey readers are great for teaching many aspects of learning. My children learn about proper use of words by reading content where words are used properly. They learn how to write by seeing correct use of words and grammar; they are great sources for copy work. They learn reading comprehension by comparing to what they understand from the reading to the picture on the page. There are even lessons where they learn aspects of science and mathematics.

4. They are flexible. There are so many different ways to use the McGuffey readers that I can adapt how they are used for each student.

We also have a set of Christian Eclectic Readers that we use. These were based on the McGuffey's and come with a study guide which includes questions for each lesson as well as projects and grammar lessons. I first used this set as it had more structure as was easy for me, a former public school teacher, to understand and follow. I then saw the benefit in the McGuffey's and using them as how it best fit myself and my students. While we all use the McGuffey's, each student uses them in slightly different ways.

I just want to share part of one of the lessons that one of my girls read and wrote yesterday. It is from lesson 18 of the First Reader from the original McGuffey series.

"All that live get life from God. He made the poor man, as well as the rich man.
He made the dark man, as well as the fair man. He made the fool, as well as the wise man. All that move on the land are His, and so all that fly in the air, and all that swim in the sea."
If you homeschool or even if you just want to supplement the education your children are receiving in the public school (or a private school), then I suggest checking out McGuffey Readers.

I do have the two books pictured for sale as I have multiple copies of them as well as a parent/teacher guide. If you are interested in them, please contact me.

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