Thursday, February 18, 2016

Adult Coloring and Prayer

I have been enjoying coloring while praying. Usually I choose an adult coloring page that has scripture or a faith saying and then meditate on that while praying. I have also joined a coloring group on facebook that suggests challenges so I have been using those and still praying while coloring.

Currently I am using colored pencils that my daughter brought back from Romania for me. I like colored pencils the best and these pencils color very nicely.

Heart Mandala from a challenge. I prayed about God's love for me and that I would share His love with others. I used the colors of the rainbow since the rainbow is a symbol of His great love for all of mankind.

I colored this for my husband. I prayed for him while I colored.

As I have mentioned before, this is my verse for 2016. I framed this and hung it on my bedroom wall.

This was from another facebook group and part of a devotional that I did before Christmas. I enjoyed reminding myself of the true reason for celebrating Christmas.

Do you enjoy coloring? If so, what do you color? What do you use to color?

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