Monday, February 20, 2017


I received a book for Christmas that I have been wanting to read for a few years.

This book has been perfect for my time as of late because each entry is short and easy to read amidst the chaos of having a new baby. Since I have been a little sleep deprived, I haven't been able to read large chunks without getting tired and forgetting what I have read. This book has been refreshing in those short amount of times I have available.

I have followed Kelly Crawford's blog, Generation Cedar, for a few years and have found it uplifting, educational, and though-provoking. I knew that I would enjoy this book as well.

I wanted to share a poem from this book that I found thought-provoking and encouraging. In the midst of a busy life of raising children, it is a good reminder to slow down and cherish the time we have.

Mother, Take the Time
by Kelly Crawford
(shared with permission)

I used to race, I used to hurry,
I used to fret and frown and worry.
My children thought they had new names-
"Hurry Up" and "We're Gonna Be Late"!
Even when we were at home-
Laundry, cleaning, answer the phone . . .
I never had the extra time
to sit and cherish these children of mine.
But in His grace the Lord broke through
And I saw everything anew.
We have but only a few days here,
to love and share and pull them near.
And while there're things that must be done,
Our lives are like the setting sun.
While its light is burning bright,
Before we face, alone, the night,
Let's stop the madness of this race-
Let's take back a slower pace!
Look into those grinning faces, 
Plan your day with lots of spaces.
Grab a hand and take a walk,
Listen while your children talk.
Let them show you childhood things,
Take turns laughing on the swing.
Snuggle up beside the fire,
Kiss the hurt left by a brier.
Meet them with a morning smile,
Go out and fish a little while.
Choose carefully how you spend your time.
Don't wait until you suddenly find
The wrenching grief of a heart that aches
Who loved too little and found out too late.

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