Thursday, October 22, 2015

Keeping Baby's Legs Warm

The women/girls in our family wear dresses and skirts only. Somewhere along the line, all the tights for my baby were lost between now and the last time I had a little girl. I bought one package of three thin tights for $6, but the thicker, warmer tights were $6 each. Since I am quite frugal and money is tight, I couldn't see spending $6 on tights when I would need at least 4-5 pairs. I began a search on Pinterest for tutorials on how to make my own tights. I found two tutorials that I used.

The first tutorial is for baby tights. I made a pair last week and used them to make sure they would work. They are great! I was blessed by a friend with a lot of knit material that I used, but as the tutorial says, she used t-shirts that she either had or bought at thrift stores. The pair I made last week was a white pair and I made another two pair of white and a pair of red. I might make more in other colors.

The second tutorial I found is for leg warmers using adult knee-high socks. I made a pair last week using a some brown knee high socks. They worked great, but were really long on her. They kept falling down over her feet. I tried them again this week but put on a pair of socks and it kept the tights from falling over her feet. I tried another pair using crew socks that I like as well today. I will make more as I find socks I like.

I'm happy that my baby's legs will stay warm this winter and it didn't cost me anything but about a 1/2 hour of my time!

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