Thursday, April 5, 2012

Protect Your Unborn Babies from Death—A Look at Chapter 13 of Be Fruitful & Multiply

I’ll begin by sharing some information that I wish I would have been told back when I started taking the Pill.

“In all probability, more newly-conceived human beings are destroyed each year by the intrauterine device (IUD) and the Pill than by surgical abortions. An “abortifacient” is a device or drug that causes an abortion. There is no question that both the IUD and the Pill can and do achieve their birth control effectiveness at times by causing very early abortions.”

The way that the IUD and the Pill cause abortions is by creating a hostile environment for the implantation of a fertilized egg. The reason why the Pill does this is because of the failure rate of stopping ovulation (which is what it is supposed to do in the first place). As for the IUD, that is its primary function.

I thank God that I discovered this information on my own after only a couple of years on the pill instead of never at all. I was so amazed with what I learned, I shared the information with my Certified Nurse Midwife (CNM). She had never heard of such a thing. After looking into it on her own, she came to the same conclusion. This is someone who has a medical degree and she was never told how the Pill worked in the case of ovulation still occurring.

“[T]he death toll from the IUD and the Pill exceeds that of the Nazi Holocaust—each year—in the United States alone.”

The majority of the people who have an IUD or are on the Pill do not know or fully understand what they are doing to their babies. The doctors and medical staff aren’t even fully educated on how they work so how are they supposed to pass on the information to others?

Campbell shares “The Arithmetic of Abortifacient Birth Control” in this chapter and the number of abortions caused by the IUD and the Pill is in the millions. (She gives exact numbers and I highly recommend reading the book if only for this chapter!)

I think one of the ways to remedy this awful murdering spree is to educate people. While I now believe it is vital to leave God in control of family size, I was convicted about killing my children through the Pill years before handing back control to God.

I am interested to know how many people did not know this about the IUD or the Pill. Please leave a comment telling me your thoughts on this information.


  1. I did not know this, and thank God that I have never taken the pill!
    My Dr. prescribed me with the mini (progesterone only) pill when I had given birth to Cass, but I never used it. However, I did not know at the time that the progesterone only pill works ONLY as an abortifacient, not preventing ovulation at all! I was shocked, as my Dr. is a strong Christian and I trusted him to prescribe my medication in accordance with our shared beliefs. Now I wonder- does he know?

  2. Actually, this is not true. The pill works by avoiding ovulation, and its second way of working is thickening the mucus so that the sperm cannot fertilize the eggs at all.

    The IUD works releasing hormones too, and it keeps the sperm from fertilizing the egg.

    i'm all for information, just not misguided information

    regards :)

  3. Thank you rosie for sharing what you think is true, but even you have some misinformation.

    Yes, the primary role of birth control is to avoid ovulation, but it has a "back-up" function which is to create a hostile environment for egg implantation. This may also create a hostile environment for sperm mobilization, but I didn't find that in anything I read. I found the exact same information in a number of different sources before accepting it as fact (some of those sources included medical journals).

    As for the IUD, I am going by what I read in Be Fruitful & Multiply as I am not as familiar with that as I am the pill. That being said, I have not found anything else that Mrs. Campbell has written to be false and know that she also researched heavily before writing the book. Again, it might be one function of the IUD to keep the sperm from fertilizing the egg, but that doesn't mean there isn't a "back-up" function as with the pill.

    It has been my experience that doctors will only share part of the information of what a medicine or medical device does. How often has a doctor sat down with you and told you all the possible side-effects of a prescription he was prescribing? I haven't found one yet myself.

    I am standing by my information for the Pill as I have written since I spent at least six months researching it myself years ago. I will say there is a small chance the information about the IUD may be wrong or only 1/2 truth, but until I see proof to the contrary, I am going to go with what I have written.

    I agree that misinformation is bad which is why I feel the need to voice the truth to those who have been fed lies by the world.