Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Virtue Training Bible *Giveaway*

I've been gone for quite a while from blogging. Part of it was because of a busy life with a newborn, canning season, school and just every day life. The other part of it is because I am still having issues with my computer connecting to Google.

While I've been away, I have been blessed with a copy of the Virtue Training Bible to review.

The kit arrived about a week before Ford was born. I ordered the Bible to use with the kit and it arrived just days before he was born so I didn't have time to get it all put together which delayed our use of it. Then, due to some difficulties and the above mentioned things that kept me busy, it took me much longer than it should to finish putting it together.

Once it was all put together, we started using it immediately.

The Bible is marked with the verses that pertain to 43 different virtues such as trust, self-control, holiness, and mercy.

The girls and I chose a virtue and then proceeded to read all the marked verses and discuss it. It was great to be able to read various verses on one topic to show not only how the Bible doesn't contradict, but also how important the virtue is based on how often God talks about it.

We started using it for our family devotional time and it is wonderful! The discussions we've had are priceless. Often times, the discussions of one virtue move into discussions about salvation and how to live a life for Christ. Our girls have really opened up in discussing their faith.

The Bible is great for the girls to do their own study as well because it already has the verses marked for whatever they want to learn more about. They can easily and quickly learn what God has to say on a topic just by looking at all the tabs marked for the virtue they want to learn more about.

I highly recommend the Virtue Training Bible for every family! And to help with that, you can enter to win your own copy! You will receive the kit with instructions for how to put it together and the double-sided tabbers. You will need to provide a 9" x 6" Bible of the version you wish to use, 7 colors of highlighters, 7 matching colors of post-its, double-sided tape and a pencil.

Enter by using the form below!

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